This command toggles audio playback between the playing and paused states. Playing starts or resumes playback from the audio cursor position. Pausing is similar to stopping except that the audio isn't rewound. The keyboard shortcut for Play/Pause is the Space bar.

Note that only one document can be played at a time. To play a different document, you must first pause the currently playing document if any. However it's not necessary to activate (i.e. switch to) the playing document in order to pause it, because pause always affects the playing document, whether it's active or not. To play a different document:

  1. Activate the desired document, by left-clicking its caption bar, or via the Window menu.
  2. If no document is currently playing, press the Space bar once to play the active document. If a different document is playing, press the Space bar twice: once to pause the other document, and once to play the active document.

Playback can be looped. Volume and pitch are controlled via the volume bar and pitch bar respectively. It's not necessary to pause before making an edit, because all editing commands automatically pause and resume playback if needed.