Pitch bar

The pitch bar lets you adjust playback frequency, via slider or by entering a numeric value. The slider range is two octaves above or below. Shifts larger than two octaves can be specified using the edit box. Note that not all audio devices support pitch shift, and that the actual pitch shift range may be limited by the audio's sample rate. To reset to normal pitch, left-click in the pitch slider while holding down the Shift key, or type zero in the edit box and press Enter or Tab. Pitch shifts are represented as powers of 2, and some common values are given below. To show or hide the bar, use View/More Bars/Pitch Bar.

half step0.08333
whole step0.16666
minor third0.25
major third0.33333
minor sixth0.66666
major sixth0.75
minor seventh0.83333
major seventh0.91666