open close type description rev user
09/04/13   bug recorder should set non-zero channel mask for surround audio    
09/04/13   bug resampling full scale audio could result in clips; should report them instead of just clamping    
02/04/14   bug in plugin parameters dialog, edit controls have a raised border in Aero    
10/03/12 10/03/12 done wave container  
10/04/12 10/04/12 done app fails to restore maximized show state  
10/04/12 10/04/12 done after scrolling to middle, horz resizing child window crashes  
10/04/12 10/04/12 done if window bigger than wave, horz resizing crashes  
10/04/12 10/04/12 done scrolling/resizing  
10/04/12 10/05/12 done unexpected vertical lines when zoomed in enough to show individual samples  
10/04/12 10/06/12 done amplitude zoom  
10/04/12 10/06/12 done zoom  
10/04/12 10/06/12 done fit in window  
10/05/12 10/06/12 done fix gaps; interpolate when vertical spans aren't adjacent in x or don't overlap in y  
10/06/12 10/06/12 done if doc is opened with child maximized, wave doesn't fill window  
10/04/12 10/07/12 done add gutter between channels  
10/05/12 10/07/12 done scrolling by lines or pages behaves unexpectedly  
10/05/12 10/07/12 done always show origin line, e.g. when zoomed in  
10/06/12 10/07/12 done large amplitudes cause out of range drawing esp when zoomed in; negatives y's  
10/07/12 10/07/12 done reverse draw loop's nesting: draw all of 1st channel, then 2nd draw channel, etc  
10/05/12 10/08/12 done unlimited zoom: scroll view with 64-bit support  
10/04/12 10/25/12 done 8-bit wave files; also optimize 16, 24 and 32  
10/25/12 10/25/12 done lower channels are vertically clipped; height not accounting for gutter  
10/25/12 10/25/12 done reverse y-axis, negative should be below origin  
10/07/12 10/26/12 done scrolling leaves interpolation gaps when zoomed far in  
10/07/12 10/26/12 done wave doesn't reach horz margins when zoomed far in  
10/25/12 10/26/12 done bottom of full-scale wave is clipped and/or top is shifted down one pixel  
10/26/12 10/26/12 done make .NET version  
10/05/12 10/29/12 done horizontal ruler  
10/26/12 10/30/12 done make 64-bit version  
10/30/12 10/30/12 done replace broken 64-bit round with intrinsic  
10/28/12 10/31/12 done blank status bar cursor position when cursor leaves view  
10/31/12 10/31/12 done in 64-bit version, scroll bar width is bogus when zoomed far in on > 2GB file  
10/31/12 10/31/12 done in 64-bit version, samples at indices > 2GB aren't shown; use W64 round in UpdateBuckets  
10/31/12 11/01/12 done dragging scroll bar far right scrolls doesn't reach end of wave at max zoom  
10/31/12 11/02/12 done RIFF reader must skip unknown chunks  
10/28/12 11/05/12 done ruler needs to support all orientations  
10/29/12 11/05/12 done ruler shouldn't hard-code text height; test by changing font  
11/03/12 11/05/12 done make ruler a CWnd to facilitate reuse  
10/28/12 11/08/12 done independent channel heights, adjustable by dragging gutter; also add command to fit vertically  
10/05/12 11/09/12 done option to show time in samples  
10/05/12 11/09/12 done amplitude bar containing one vertical ruler per channel  
10/24/12 11/09/12 done view offsets entire wave by half a sample in x  
11/09/12 11/10/12 done auto-size channel bar to avoid clipping amplitude values  
11/10/12 11/10/12 done channel bar width update causes message feedback near scroll bar show/hide threshold  
11/10/12 11/10/12 done time ruler slips during zoom if channel bar is visible; RecalcLayout must update ruler offset  
11/10/12 11/10/12 done show/hide channel bar  
11/10/12 11/11/12 done new window command  
11/10/12 11/11/12 done channel bar ruler's top and bottom values are clipped  
11/10/12 11/11/12 done channel bar width becomes unstable when frame height is small  
11/10/12 11/11/12 done ruler should use CWnd's font  
11/10/12 11/13/12 done wave should have func to return WAVEFORMATEX  
10/04/12 11/16/12 done audio playback via DirectSound  
11/16/12 11/16/12 done restarting at end of wave with repeat off crashes; wave offset was exceeding data size  
10/04/12 11/18/12 done volume control  
11/16/12 11/18/12 done player position strays outside loop  
11/16/12 11/18/12 done play icon should turn into pause icon while playing  
11/18/12 11/19/12 done stopping at end of wave causes audible click; stopping too soon, let player go beyond end of wave  
11/18/12 11/19/12 done menu keys don't work if floating dialog bar has focus; route keys to main in PreTranslateMessage  
11/19/12 11/19/12 done dialog bar tooltips should only show text after newline  
11/19/12 11/20/12 done selection doesn't affect wave color  
11/19/12 11/20/12 done docked dialog bar should shift child controls left to expose gripper  
11/19/12 11/20/12 done mute button on volume bar  
11/20/12 11/20/12 done toolbar-style flat icon button  
11/20/12 11/20/12 done flat icon button doesn't show disabled state  
11/20/12 11/20/12 done keep selection start at or below selection end  
10/04/12 11/21/12 done pitch control  
11/20/12 11/21/12 done select all and deselect  
11/20/12 11/21/12 done auto-scroll to keep now visible  
10/04/12 11/22/12 done transport  
11/17/12 11/22/12 done keep player state consistent during document activation  
11/20/12 11/22/12 done file information  
11/22/12 11/22/12 done undocking dialog bar crashes in .NET; ignore unreliable HandleInitDialog return value  
10/04/12 11/24/12 done clipboard  
10/04/12 11/24/12 done selection  
11/18/12 11/24/12 done left-click in time ruler should set current position  
11/23/12 11/24/12 done player is disabled after pasting into an empty doc; explicitly open wave in that case  
11/23/12 11/24/12 done stop player during any edit that changes wave size or format, for thread safety  
11/23/12 11/24/12 done go to selection start/end  
11/24/12 11/24/12 done interpolation not reaching window edge: setting buckets margin got deleted from OnWaveUpdate  
11/24/12 11/24/12 done after deleting enough of wave to not need scrolling, view is incorrect and scrolling crashes  
10/31/12 11/25/12 done show progress while reading/writing large wave files  
11/22/12 11/25/12 done device selection  
11/24/12 11/25/12 done deleting in non-playing doc steals player from playing doc  
11/25/12 11/25/12 done starting play in middle of buffer means buffer size must be evenly divisible by block align times two  
10/24/12 11/26/12 done read extensible wave format  
10/24/12 11/27/12 done write extensible wave format if needed; must store channel assignment mask  
11/25/12 11/27/12 done zoom in/out should zoom into now, not center of window  
11/26/12 11/27/12 done player won't play 24-bit waves: must pass extensible wave format to CreateSoundBuffer  
11/29/12 11/30/12 done clipboard edits should scroll as needed to keep edited area visible  
11/30/12 11/30/12 done zoom in/out behaves unexpectedly if zoom origin is outside view due to scrolling  
10/04/12 12/01/12 done navigation  
11/29/12 12/01/12 done optionally use disk for clipboard and undo history (above a specified size threshold)  
11/30/12 12/01/12 done paste via context menu should paste at cursor, not now marker  
12/01/12 12/01/12 done x64 warnings in CWaveEdit; CFile Read/Write length is 32-bit even in x64, need error-checking casts  
10/04/12 12/04/12 done undo  
12/05/12 12/05/12 done undo/redo is disabled for generated audio; view was linked with empty document's undo manager  
11/20/12 12/06/12 done normalize  
12/06/12 12/06/12 done uncovering app by left-clicking in view leaves partial now marker in previously covered area; SetNow fix  
12/06/12 12/06/12 done document modified flag  
12/06/12 12/06/12 done changing time ruler unit doesn't update views; must reset zoom  
12/06/12 12/06/12 done reverse audio  
12/01/12 12/07/12 done create new selection via drag  
12/01/12 12/07/12 done resize existing selection via drag; show drag cursor near selection boundaries  
12/07/12 12/07/12 done editing selection while zoomed far in fails to repaint selection; intersect with client area to keep GDI happy  
12/07/12 12/07/12 done autoscroll view as needed during drag selection  
12/09/12 12/09/12 done undo quantizes selection and now to sample boundaries  
12/09/12 12/09/12 done reverse fails if less than entire clip selected  
12/10/12 12/10/12 done options should use kick idle  
12/05/12 12/22/12 done RMS statistics (min, max, avg, total) with histogram  
12/22/12 12/22/12 done swap channels  
12/22/12 12/23/12 done wave generator logarithmic fades  
12/22/12 12/23/12 done wave generator modulation  
12/22/12 12/24/12 done plot control default palette; same as Excel  
12/23/12 12/24/12 done display RMS stats dialog before gathering stats, so user can cancel and change parameters  
12/06/12 12/26/12 done zoom via dragging on time ruler  
11/09/12 12/30/12 done movable vertical origin and vertical zoom  
12/28/12 12/30/12 done vertically zooming all the way out should recenter origin  
12/22/12 12/31/12 done make interpolation highlighting optional  
12/25/12 12/31/12 done right-clicking in ruler should zoom out  
12/27/12 12/31/12 done double-clicking gutter should center it  
10/05/12 01/01/13 done keyboard shortcuts  
11/25/12 01/01/13 done context menu  
12/06/12 01/01/13 done optionally show selection length instead of end; add length button to navigation bar  
01/01/13 01/01/13 done wave reader must throw unexpected end of file  
11/20/12 01/02/13 done amplify  
12/07/12 01/02/13 done insert silence  
01/01/13 01/02/13 done time unit change doesn't update navigation bar  
01/03/13 01/03/13 done amplitude ruler misalignment, proportional to zoom; fencepost error in UpdateZoom  
11/20/12 01/04/13 done fades; log and linear  
01/02/13 01/06/13 done undo test  
01/05/13 01/06/13 done async job should unblock immediately on completion; add WaitForStop  
01/06/13 01/06/13 done bars initially docked in unexpected places; missing special handling for zero LeftOf  
12/15/12 01/07/13 done channels should have names instead of numbers; get from channel mask if available  
11/20/12 01/09/13 done find zero crossing  
12/30/12 01/09/13 done maximize a channel's height, minimizing height of all others (context menu)  
01/03/13 01/09/13 done view's max density determines rendering accuracy; make it an option  
11/20/12 01/10/13 done edit speaker assignments via dialog  
12/02/12 01/10/13 done extract channels  
11/20/12 01/11/13 done insert/delete channels  
12/22/12 01/12/13 done swap channels should prompt if more than two channels  
11/20/12 01/14/13 done find clipping  
01/13/13 01/14/13 done extract causes app deactivation due to progress bar; dialog resource must be popup not overlapped  
01/06/13 01/15/13 done wave file chunks must be 16-bit word aligned; pad with zero, chunk size does NOT include pad byte  
01/15/13 01/19/13 done installer  
01/15/13 01/19/13 done check for updates  
01/20/13 01/20/13 done fix handling for sample bit counts that don't fill container  
11/20/12 01/21/13 done change audio format (channel count, bits per sample, sample rate)  
01/20/13 01/21/13 done player must reopen wave on format change  
01/21/13 01/21/13 done fix insert silence for 8-bit audio  
01/21/13 01/21/13 done insert channels into empty document  
01/19/13 01/22/13 done disable console in release and comment out any remaining natter  
01/23/13 01/23/13 done change disk threshold default to zero; maximize memory available for docs and buffers  
01/24/13 01/24/13 done in peak statistics dialog, add find context menu for min/max  
01/02/13 01/26/13 done invert  
01/24/13 01/26/13 done find range of sample values  
01/24/13 01/27/13 done check for updates not working on Win7; make updater a DLL instead of a process  
01/24/13 01/27/13 done disable undo natter  
01/27/13 01/27/13 done prevent reentrance in check for updates  
01/01/13 01/28/13 done when cursor is at end of audio, keep it visible by shifting it left one pixel if needed  
01/21/13 01/28/13 done distinguish x64 version in About dialog's caption  
01/27/13 01/28/13 done add sort header to peak and RMS statistics  
01/28/13 01/28/13 done add help file  
01/28/13 01/29/13 done find clipping's report control unexpectedly scrolls a few lines if results require a scroll bar  
01/29/13 01/29/13 done if navigation bar's selection start or end edit control has focus, closing document crashes app  
01/28/13 01/30/13 done F6 should toggle between view and navigation bar  
01/29/13 01/30/13 done left-clicking in time ruler should zoom in instead of setting now  
01/31/13 01/31/13 done in find dialog, channel is not properly initialized  
01/31/13 01/31/13 done portable version  
12/07/12 02/07/13 done resizing view via right edge while zoomed far in sometimes paints incorrectly  
01/14/13 02/07/13 done hiding results window reveals view scrolling bug on right side  
02/07/13 02/07/13 done find clipping results must be compensated for start of selection  
02/07/13 02/07/13 done scrolling causes double-width or duplicate audio cursor; false positives in GetNowXClampEnd  
02/08/13 02/08/13 done peak statistics min/max goto ignores selection  
02/05/13 02/11/13 done history bar with undo/redo to selected state  
02/11/13 02/11/13 done canceling during undo/redo causes unexpected behavior and possible memory leak  
02/11/13 02/11/13 done insert channel should use progress read  
01/13/13 02/12/13 done option to change view colors  
02/19/13 02/19/13 done wave data can't exceed 4GB; use enhanced byte array  
01/22/13 02/22/13 done file formats other than WAV, via libsndfile  
11/20/12 02/25/13 done resampling, via libsamplerate  
02/25/13 02/25/13 done paste and insert should move audio cursor to end of selection  
02/24/13 02/27/13 done MP3 decoding, via libmad  
02/25/13 02/28/13 done insert audio file(s) into existing document  
02/25/13 02/28/13 done allow multiple selection when inserting channels or files (and alpha sort them)  
03/01/13 03/01/13 done in extract channels, precede speaker name with channel index  
01/03/13 03/02/13 done paste and insert don't warn on different sample rates  
02/25/13 03/02/13 done show audio format in status bar  
02/25/13 03/03/13 done when dragging selection end, auto-scroll is very slow if both app and doc are maximized  
03/03/13 03/04/13 done play doesn't work if cursor is at end of audio and repeat is off  
03/03/13 03/04/13 done in find clipping, let user specify clipping level  
03/03/13 03/04/13 done insert multiple files reopens player multiple times; should only reopen once at end  
03/06/13 03/07/13 done RMS statistics incorrectly handles 32-bit sample on negative rail  
03/08/13 03/08/13 done adjacently docked sizing bars show black border; don't pass dock style to Create  
03/09/13 03/08/13 done editing speaker assignments causes player to escape loop; call UpdatePlayerState instead of Open  
02/19/13 03/09/13 done peak meters  
01/07/13 03/12/13 done optionally show channel names in view  
03/09/13 03/12/13 done resample, format, and delete/insert channel reset speaker assignments  
10/29/12 03/23/13 done vary number of minor ticks with zoom and unit  
12/05/12 03/23/13 done spectral analysis  
10/05/12 03/26/13 done ruler log scale  
12/22/12 03/26/13 done filled series flickers during resizing; double-buffer plot control  
03/23/13 03/28/13 done plot tooltip with series name and data point values  
03/19/13 04/02/13 done real-time spectrum analyzer  
03/23/13 04/02/13 done plot options for real-time spectrum analyzer, via context menu  
03/30/13 04/02/13 done for data tip, two decimals is plenty per KR  
04/04/13 04/04/13 done canceling RMS stats progress bar gives main window focus, allowing reentrance and potential crash  
04/06/13 04/07/13 done real-time spectrum analyzer shouldn't wrap around to end of audio unless playback is looped  
04/07/13 04/08/13 done meter bar can cause access violation if document is empty and playback is looped  
04/08/13 04/08/13 done MP3 decoder introduces periodic artifacts; input handler must preserve unused input from previous pass  
03/22/13 04/11/13 done encode MP3 via libmp3lame Wayne, Barbara
04/10/13 04/16/13 done context-sensitive help  
03/03/13 04/17/13 done add option for custom temporary files folder Kolpo
03/22/13 04/20/13 done read AAC (MP4) via libfaad2 Barbara, Wayne
04/27/13 04/29/13 done changing playback buffer size fails quietly if doc is open  
04/09/13 05/01/13 done recording Freddie, Kolpo
05/05/13 05/05/13 done make devices persistent via GUID instead of description  
02/08/13 05/08/13 done make sweep generation easier; subdialog of audio generator Zak
05/06/13 05/08/13 done app icon should include 48x48 res  
04/09/13 05/10/13 done detect clips in meter bar Phil
05/06/13 05/17/13 done sound-activated recording; start/stop triggers consisting of peak level and duration  
05/06/13 05/17/13 done one-touch recording: automatically generate recording filenames from date/time  
05/06/13 05/17/13 done record via global hot key; requires automatic filename generation Joby
05/06/13 05/18/13 done record command line argument, to faciliate record scheduling via Scheduled Task  
05/20/13 05/20/13 done realtime spectrum analyzer displays incorrect results after audio format change Phil
05/21/13 05/22/13 done meter bar paints outside its top margin after undoing format change  
02/24/13 06/16/13 done channel selection for certain audio commands  
06/10/13 06/18/13 done add record dialog checkbox to specify if output file should be opened after recording stops Axel
12/30/12 07/13/13 done plugin architecture for audio processing; LADSPA plugin host  
02/24/13 07/13/13 done equalization; via LADSPA plugins  
03/03/13 07/13/13 done compressor/limiter; via LADSPA plugins  
07/13/13 07/14/13 done in spectrum analysis dialog, let user specify a frequency range David
02/20/13 08/03/13 done display/edit metadata  
09/02/13 09/02/13 done ID3TagWrap.cpp doesn't compile in Unicode version, line 84  
09/02/13 09/02/13 done in Win 7, list controls don't repaint columns during column resizing; specify common controls 6.0  
09/02/13 09/02/13 done in metadata dialog, clear button doesn't move when dialog is resized  
08/25/13 09/03/13 done when saving AAC/MP4 file, force Save As dialog and change file extension  
09/04/13 11/07/14 done in Win 7, DirectSound won't play surround audio with incorrect or zero channel mask  
10/05/12   hold tools e.g. hand, selection, magnifier; are they needed?    
10/05/12   hold log view of audio    
10/26/12   hold only draw channels that intersect clip box; negligible performance gain?    
10/26/12   hold Unicode version; adds about 50KB to the 32-bit version's memory footprint    
10/29/12   hold optionally convert samples to floating point to reduce degradation from repeated operations    
11/11/12   hold if doc is opened from explorer and app is maximized, wave doesn't fill window    
11/17/12   hold set loop points without restarting audio; thread safety issues    
11/17/12   hold wheel zoom should work while navigation bar has focus; possibly confusing    
11/20/12   hold channel mixdown (stereo to mono etc)    
11/20/12   hold file comparison; non-trivial project    
11/24/12   hold display entire file in separate view    
11/24/12   hold cue markers; wave format allegedly supports it with cue and labeled text chunks    
11/24/12   hold transport fast forward and reverse (skip forward and skip backward)    
11/30/12   hold paste should scroll as needed to fit entire pasted area in view if possible    
12/02/12   hold split audio into clips by detecting silences    
12/07/12   hold move (shift) existing selection via drag; show hand cursor    
12/08/12   hold select ruler font    
12/22/12   hold plot control's fit to data should optionally extend to nearest major (or minor) tick    
12/22/12   hold legend in plot control    
12/22/12   hold calculate minimum major tick spacing from text extent    
01/07/13   hold in fade dialog, selecting in/out shouldn't overwrite custom start/end    
01/09/13   hold wave reader should preserve all chunks, even ones it doesn't understand; debatable    
01/10/13   hold slide (offset in time) one or more channels; useless?    
01/19/13   hold delete multiple channels at once    
01/23/13   hold storage report showing memory/disk used by docs, clipboard, and undo history    
02/04/13   hold clipboard/undo states that cause a memory exception should be retried to disk    
02/13/13   hold options dialog Apply button; requires tracking of modifications    
02/24/13   hold zoom slider(s)    
02/24/13   hold add Audio menu, Select All and Deselect to view context menu; clutter alert    
03/03/13   hold for variable bit rate MP3, decode finishes before progress bar ends; get duration from ID3 tags via libid3tag    
03/03/13   hold on KR's Win7 laptop, channel count and channel mask must match or player won't open; breaks undo test    
03/03/13   hold for insert/paste, optionally fix mismatched audio formats by converting as needed    
03/07/13   hold language satellite resource DLLs don't load; not calling CWinApp::InitInstance    
03/17/13   hold preview checkbox for audio processing commands    
03/20/13   hold curve fitting in plot control; gnarly math    
03/22/13   hold write AAC (MP4); libfaac quality is not so good, use Nero codec instead?   Barbara, Wayne
03/22/13   hold use ffmpeg's libavcodec to read/write additional formats; does NOT include AAC    
03/23/13   hold spectrum analysis should optionally show zero bin?   KR
03/23/13   hold make minimum amplitude variable for RMS & spectrum analysis    
03/23/13   hold make spectrum dialog modeless to allow selection change; dangerous    
04/03/13   hold optional multimedia timer for more accurate update rate    
04/04/13   hold lock toolbars   Kolpo
04/09/13   hold batch support   Freddie
04/13/13   hold remove clicks and pops   Freddie
04/14/13   hold toolbar should have delete button    
04/14/13   hold bar that displays current position in a large font    
04/14/13   hold dither; libsndfile appears to implement it but does it work?    
04/24/13   hold default Save As format   Kolpo
09/04/13   hold in Win 7 Aero, random text appeared within view options color selection buttons; can't reproduce it    
10/28/12   punt 32-bit version can't handle files > 2GB even in 64-bit OS    
10/31/12   punt scroll bar flickers slightly during zooming    
11/18/12   punt time ruler should show now; too cluttered, no need    
11/18/12   punt time ruler should show selection with draggable handles; too cluttered, no need    
11/20/12   punt time in measures; requires tempo and meter, not so useful    
11/20/12   punt resizing dialog bar can be confusing because drag rectangle blends with MDI background    
11/22/12   punt DirectSound doesn't work too well over remote desktop    
11/22/12   punt player skips on badbox2 with SoundMAX drivers; works fine with USB codec, and on both laptops    
01/19/13   punt if app is still running when reinstall starts, system reboots without prompting, due to msiexec /passive    
01/20/13   punt generating wave with excessive number of channels crashes app or hangs OS    
01/21/13   punt insert wave dialog should allow multiple selection; channels would be inserted in unpredictable order    
02/08/13   punt clipboard should be shareable between multiple instances of the app; MDI makes this unnecessary    
02/13/13   punt DirectX errors add 200K to exe in MFC6; a mere 72K in NET2008    
04/08/13   punt real-time spectrum analyzer doesn't account for pitch shift    
04/09/13   punt VST host; conflicts with GPL   Freddie
04/09/13   punt CD burner; bloat alert!   Freddie
05/07/13   punt recording to MP3; disk space is cheap   Kolpo
05/09/13   punt find clipping gives false positives for signals with frequency near Nyquist    
01/24/13   ripe copy peak/RMS statistics to clipboard    
02/24/13   ripe channel selection for clipboard editing commands    
03/17/13   ripe preview mode for clipboard edits   KR, Andre
04/15/13   ripe better toolbar icons; use ARGB icons shipped with VS2008   Kolpo
04/20/13   ripe speaker assignment presets    
07/23/13   ripe preview for plugins    
08/02/13   ripe speaker assignment only works for integer PCM WAV files    
10/04/13   todo change pitch w/o changing tempo and vice versa; port RubberBandPitchShift LADSPA plugin?   Wayne