Temporary files location

This option lets you specify the location of the folder WaveShop uses for all its temporary files. If "System default" is selected, WaveShop uses the system's temporary folder. To specify a different folder, select "Custom folder" and either enter the path of the desired folder in the edit box, or press Browse, navigate to the desired folder, and press OK.

WaveShop normally stores the clipboard and undo history in temporary files. These files can consume a considerable amount of disk space, particularly when editing big documents, editing many documents at once, or doing long sequences of edits. If the system temporary folder lacks sufficient free space, e.g. because the system is installed on a small partition, you should consider moving the temporary folder to different partition, or to a different drive. Note that if you move the temporary folder to an external drive, that drive must be accessible whenever WaveShop is used, and its drive letter must remain consistent. If the custom temporary folder is inaccessible, the error message "Temporary folder not found" is shown and the system temporary folder is used instead.